What about hanging pictures?

For the most part, you hang them just as you would in any house—using a drywall anchor. If you have a large or very heavy piece to hang, you can screw a bolt or hanger straight into a stud. Your local hardware store carries stud-finders, or you can use a magnet to locate the right spot.

I’ve heard that steel-framed PODs are more energy-efficient. How?

There are less studs required in each wall, which means fewer thermal connection points where energy can be lost. Due to the precision-fitting of our studs, the building
envelope is much tighter than that of a wooden structure. You won’t get the same air leaks that occur when a wooden house ‘settles’ or expands and contracts with moisture. Additionally, ORCA uses external insulation with our LGS framing system, which forms a continuous thermal break (like a jacket) on the outside of your house. All this contributes to keeping heat in your house and money in your wallet.

How much will my POD cost?

In terms of building material cost, LGS is competitive. Our PODs vary in price depending on size and chosen options. Reach out to let us know what you are interested in and we will find out more details for a custom quote.

Why should I choose steel?

When compared to conventional building products, steel is healthier, stronger, impervious to water and infestation, rust and fire resistant, keeps its integrity (no movement over time), allows for more flexibility in design, saves time and money, and is the most eco-friendly building choice on the market.