RCA Pod Prefab homes are not only beautiful, but the frame is made of light gauge steel. What are the benefits of building with steel?

1) Light Gauge Steel (LGS) made homes create less waste for landfills- There is very little waste when building with LGS as a plan is cut from a computer-generated plan.

2) LGS is 100% recycled- A 1200 square foot home is built from 4 recycled car vs 45 young trees for a stick-built home.

3) Quality of Steel- Our galvanized G90 steel structures have a 300-year life span! LGS is built to resist natural hazards like earthquakes, high winds, and extreme temperatures.

4) Offers a great return on investment- Steel is a high-quality building material with cost saving because of the speed of construction, accuracy, and reduction of labour costs.

5) It’s Versatile- Steel is strong and durable with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials.

6) Low maintenance after build- Once a home is built there is very little if any maintenance required as steel does not rot, is resistant to fire and is not affected by insect or termite damage!

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