Building Tomorrow's communities today: "Predictable, Rapid and Sustainable"

Discover the future of housing with ORCA: where innovation meets sustainability. Our groundbreaking LGS technology is revolutionizing the industry, offering modular and affordable housing solutions. With the power of our pop-up factory, we're not just building houses — we're creating unique, sustainable communities designed to last. Each home boasts low maintenance, stunning aesthetics, and a level of quality that sets us apart. Say goodbye to the risks and delays of traditional construction methods. ORCA is here to provide a faster, smarter, and more reliable way to build your dream community.

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Eco Tourism

ORCA is synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship, meticulous material selection, and a commitment to crafting POD's that are as enduring as they are exceptional. For those at the forefront of eco-tourism, our PODs mean less frequent upkeep, more efficient cleaning, and an enhanced return on investment due to the reduced need for constant overhauls and fixes.

An ORCA POD's defining feature is the unparalleled experience it provides. It lies in the serenity afforded by our state-of-the-art insulation, which maintains a comfortable temperature, increases energy savings, and softens the sounds of the outside world. It's found in the opulence of our spacious, premium bathrooms, designed to echo the elegance of a high-end hotel. And it's in the guarantee of a fresh, pure atmosphere flowing throughout your space.

A testament to a near-decade of design evolution and meticulous refinement, our PODs have been shaped by the valuable insights from eco-tourism leaders and visitors.

Our dedication to eco-friendliness is unwavering. We consciously design to diminish and recycle waste, use materials that meet high recycling standards, and partner with like-minded suppliers to ensure our environmental ethos extends through every aspect of our PODs.

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