• 1. How long does it take to get your POD?

    After the permitting requirements have been established, the project typically takes approximately 3 to 4 months to complete. It’s important to note that the design process is not included in this timeframe.

  • 2. What are the requirements for my site?

    Site preparation encompasses the necessary foundation or pilings, electrical, water, and septic or sewer connections. For detailed requirements, please consult manual attached.

  • 3. What sizes do your PODs come in?

    We provide PODs ranging from 107 to 960 square feet in size.

  • 4. Are the PODs customizable?

    We offer the flexibility to customize the interior floor plan of our PODs. Whether you want to add an extra bathroom or make alterations to the space, we can accommodate your preferences.

  • 5. How is the POD built?

    The construction of the POD, featuring a steel frame, foam board insulation, strapping, and a steel or wood exterior, not only creates a highly airtight and energy efficient home but also requires minimal to no maintenance.

  • 6. Where can you ship the PODs?

    We ship our PODs to various locations, including British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon & California.

  • 7. How is the POD heated/cooled?

    We provide a mini-split AC/heat pump as a standard feature in all our homes. Additionally, our models include baseboard heating where necessary. For added comfort and customization, we can also incorporate electric or wood fireplaces and install additional AC/heat pumps in the bedrooms of our larger PODs.

  • 8. What is the process when buying a POD?

    Our process begins with an initial discovery call to discuss your needs and preferences. We then explore design options, provide you with a quote, and proceed with a deposit. Afterward, we initiate the building permit process. The next phase involves site preparation while we commence the construction of your POD. Once your POD is completed, we ship it to your location and complete the installation. It’s then time to move in!

  • 9. What permits do I require?

    It’s important to check with your regional district or county to determine the specific permit requirements for your POD. Typically, the permit process is much easier as home is CSA approved.

  • 10. Are you CSA Certified?

    Yes. All our PODS adhere to CSA A277 standards. Your new home undergoes a thorough quality assurance audit before delivery, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of excellence. With us, your peace of mind is built into every detail of your new living space.

  • 11. How do I set up utilities?

    A local ground contractor should be sourced. We can assist in this process and suggest local contractors if required. It is the clients responsibility to handle the site preparation including foundation and services in readiness for the delivery of your POD.