NEW Whiskey Jack

Discover the Whiskey Jack 2024 – The Ultimate Compact Living Solution! Available in two sizes, it’s perfect for AirBnB, getaways, and ADUs. Eco-friendly, tech-savvy, and customizable for your unique needs. Elevate your space with modern style and practicality. Available for Pre-order

Explore our Prefabricated Modular Pods

At ORCA, we are passionate about the transformative potential of modular construction. We employ cutting-edge construction techniques, to ensure your project is completed with greater efficiency, sustainability, and of a superior quality.

“End the Compromise: Choose Quality, Speed, and Environmental Care with ORCA


Welcome to our innovative approach to community building for developers! At the heart of our mission lies an integrated design process, seamlessly blending contemporary architectural principles with the dynamic needs of today’s developers.



Discover the future of eco-tourism with our versatile modular prefabricated pods, designed to complement and enhance the natural beauty of any location. Ideal for wineries, wedding venues, and other stunning locales, our eco-friendly pods offer a unique, immersive experience that harmoniously blends with the environment.



We take great pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, the excellence of our suppliers, and our commitment to delivering top-tier accommodation units that are built to last. For our prefabricated builds, this translates into reduced maintenance, minimized cleaning time, and ultimately, a higher return on investment due to the limited need for frequent refurbishments and repairs. The unique experience offered by our units is defined by the comfort provided by commercial-grade insulation, which helps in regulating temperature and enhances energy. Welcome to our innovative approach to community building for developers! At the heart of our mission lies an integrated design process, seamlessly blending contemporary architectural principles.

How it Works

Discovery Call

The primary purpose of this call is to gather information and insights about your upcoming project. Our discovery calls are not about the hard sell; they're about understanding you.

By finding out your needs, budget, challenges, and must haves, we’ll make sure we’re a good fit and can deliver something that works for you.


Pick POD

Our team works with you to plan your project. This will include timelines, payment schedules and design options and any additional support you require. Dive into customization! Pick your exterior siding, interior finishes, colors and any upgrade options you’d like to see then we’ll do the rest!


Procure & Manufacture


After you've chosen your POD, we'll get down to the specifics. We make sure that all aspects we previously discussed are in place and meticulously outline the details of your new POD. This includes quantity, pricing, delivery terms, and any additional relevant information. It's all about precision and making sure everything aligns seamlessly.


Deliver & Install

The POD leaves our facility and meets you and the onsite install team at the other end for you to sit back and watch as your new POD is lifted in place!


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Quality Products

We prioritize the use of top-tier products in our homes, including quartz countertops, high-quality cabinets, and energy-efficient appliances and heating systems. At ORCA, our commitment is to deliver exceptional modular homes to the market, ensuring quality at every step.

Low Maintenace

Thanks to the meticulous design of both the interior and exterior of our modular homes, maintenance becomes a virtually nonexistent concern. The exterior, constructed with light gauge steel, resists wear and rust, eliminating the need for homeowner upkeep. Additionally, the interior steel frame requires no attention to prevent issues like rot or insect damage, ensuring an effortlessly easy-to-maintain home.

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