Sustainable, Healthy , Quality Modular Pods and Prefab Kit Homes 


We believe that people should live in Sustainable comfortable homes without compromising the natural environment.Our sustainably designed and built modular-homes minimize environmental impacts-whilst maximizing-comfort and health.Crafted with precision engineered materials from-responsibly sourced and time-tested natural materials, our eco-friendly PODs offer beauty and utility with a bold yet understated aesthetic.

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With its open concept living space, high-end finishes, and energy-efficient features, the Nightingale l offers a comfortable and functional layout that is perfect for those looking for a smaller, but still luxurious living space.






The Quail is a great option for those looking for a smaller and efficient home design, with 702 square feet of open concept living space that offers a comfortable and functional layout with two bedroom and one bathroom. 



ORCA POD- Twilight



The Swallow is a great option for those looking for a secondary suite or short-term rental on their property. With 960 square feet of living space, the 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom design offers a comfortable and functional layout with a large open concept living and kitchen space.




The Wren also offers a comfortable and functional layout, with an open concept design that allows for maximum use of space and natural light. The one bedroom and one bathroom make it the perfect choice for singles or couples who want to live in a stylish, practical, and sustainable home. 


About us

Quality, Sustainable and Healthy living 

At ORCA we make planning and construction of your build as seamless (and painless) as possible. Inspired by the Canadian landscape and lifestyle, our modular PODs offer architectural design and sustainable living. Created for landowners, operators and start ups, ORCA designs prefabricated PODs that are perfect for extraliving accommodation, hotelsretreats, or holiday rentals.

Thoughtful design

Thoughtful Desig

Contemporary, functional and luxurious, our POD designs are purposefully created to integrate harmoniously with the environment. Our design DNA is ingrained in the Canadian landscape and lifestyle.


Built to Last

Climate responsive and using locally sourced, 100% recyclable steel and sustainable building materials along with extremely low waste during the construction process, our eco-friendly approach to building design and construction addresses the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Built to last

Built to Last

ORCA’s PODs are built with our Light Gauge Steel (LGS) galvanized steel technology that will stand the test of time in extreme climates and prevent environmental wear and tear providing a low maintenance, healthy product for you and the planet.

Upcoming Developments

Set in the heart of the mountains, Cumberland is under 35km from Mt Washington ski resort with a summit of 1,900m serving both beginner and expert skiers & snow boarders with over 120 runs not to mention the back country! In the summer, transforms into something rather breathtaking and offers numerous outdoor activities to suit all ages.

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Our aim is to make construction simple so that anyone can take part. Our LGS flat pack kits are an attractive build option with simple to install instructions for self builders and DIY hobbyists. Using standard connections (supplied), the frames are easily fixed together, creating a rigid frame for your new space. We work with local builders merchants to supply everything from external cladding to internal fit out.


Designed with the end user in mind for additional living space, secondary dwellings or to generate additional revenue streams, our range of PODs are the perfect solution designed to be delivered to site fully finished. The complete package for a unique, high-quality POD that’s as hassle-free as possible. Our pods are also available delivered as weather tight lock up with sleek metal siding, roof, windows and doors.


We work with developers to deliver a unique product to suit your needs and help you deliver a project that contributes to our local communities. We are able to set up a pop up factory delivering A277 and Z240 offering either modular or mobile manufactured certification. By using a pop-up factory on site, this cuts out logistics offering savings and project certainty with a faster return on capital.

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