$148,000 CAD



Elevate your property's worth with our ADUs, providing versatile multi-generational utility and a profitable rental income stream, maximizing your investment's potential.



Orca delivers unparalleled quality at an accessible price point, ensuring every homeowner can experience excellence without compromise.



Embrace sustainability with our ADUs, crafted to endure with our Orca steel system,offering superior resilience against fire, rot, and mold.

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Trees saved
Faster Build
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Less waste
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Size: 392 sqft
Living : 1 Bed,1 bath
Dims: 32 x 14

Stylish and compact

Introducing our latest innovation in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), designed to revolutionize urban living.Built upon the principles of affordability and uncompromising quality, our new ADU combines cutting-edge design with practical functionality, all while maintaining a sharp focus on delivering unparalleled value. By utilizing our proprietary light gauge steel system and optimizing the design, we’ve been able to eliminate unnecessary waste, putting money back in our clients’ pockets. 

This results in a compact yet spacious living environment that exceeds expectations. And true to our commitment to sustainability, every unit embodies the distinctive Orca signature feel, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and eco-conscious living. Get ready to experience urban living elevated with our high-quality ADU – where innovation meets affordability without compromise.

Why ?

Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it boosts property value significantly, appealing to a broader market. Secondly, it creates a source of rental income, providing homeowners with a steady financial return. Moreover, ADUs support multi-generational living arrangements, fostering closer familial bonds while maintaining independence. Lastly, the flexible living space adapts to various needs, serving as a home office, guest suite, or accommodating changing family dynamics. Overall, ADUs enhance property value, rental income, and living flexibility, making them a valuable investment for homeowners.

The Build

Premium Cabinetry and Flooring

Enhancing the functionality and style of your kitchen space – where stories are simmered, laughter echoes, and memories are made. Our premium cabinetry is more than a storage solution; it’s an expression of functionality, durability, and contemporary style. In a world that often glorifies excess, we find joy in having less and living authentically and more sustainably.

Ultra Building Envelope

Picture your home as a snug sanctuary, that always feels just the way you want it, cozy in winter and refreshingly cool in summer – that’s the wonder of ORCA’s technology and ultra building envelopes. These unique elements ensure your home feels perfectly balanced.So, when you think of ORCA’s building methodology, picture your home wrapped in a high performance jacket (or other example) that not only embraces you emotionally but also conserves energy for a brighter future.


Quality Windows and Doors

Windows are not only a design element, they greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency, internal temperature, ventilation, and aesthetics of your space. We are obsessed with every detail that goes into our PODs, our windows and doors are no different. We sweat the little extras, so you don’t have to. Our windows and doors are made specifically for you and your new home, are built to last and performance-tested for excellent weathering, durability and color retention

Energy efficient and cool

Say goodbye to the hassle of separate heating and cooling systems – enter the era of eco-conscious living with our innovative mini split technology. Designed to offer both cooling and heating within the same unit, it’s not just a solution; it’s a commitment to creating homes that resonate with warmth and efficiency. Step into a world where your home is not just a dwelling but an embodiment of sustainable living, embracing you with every energy-efficient breath.

Value for Money Sustainable Flexible living Compact

House Friends and family

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can be a game-changer when it comes to housing friends and family. By having a separate living space on your property, you provide a sense of independence and privacy for your loved ones, while still keeping them close

create affordable rental options

ADUs are a cost-effective solution to create affordable rentals, offering additional space without extensive construction expense. Enabling landlords to provide affordable rates and share expenses, reducing costs for both parties.

Efficent use of land


maximizing existing infrastructure and utilities reducing the need for extensive work. These extra living spaces not only provide housing options but also contribute to a more thoughtful and eco-friendly use of available land

Mortgage helper

Adding an ADU accelerates mortgage payoff by generating rental income, sharing costs, and increasing property value. The additional funds from renting out the unit can be strategically directed toward mortgage repayment, providing a powerful means to expedite the payoff process.


Increase property value


ADUs add valuable living space, enhancing property appeal for buyers or renters, while offering flexibility for multi-generational living and changing needs, alongside a property value boost of 15-35%.

Preserve neighbourhood

These compact living spaces promote increased housing density without altering the neighborhood’s character. By providing affordable housing options, ADUs contribute to diverse and inclusive communities, preventing displacement of long-time residents.


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