ORCA is a dynamic global construction company disrupting traditional thinking and challenging inefficiencies in the industry. We use an innovative integrated digital platform to design, manufacture, and assemble light gauge steel (LGS) POD structures.

Our cutting-edge LGS solution outperforms both traditional methods and centralized factories across all key performance categories, from cost controls to project completion timelines.

ORCA offers a full spectrum of modular pods from our large 3- bedroom home to our smaller office or flex space. Our PODs are architecturally designed and engineered for minimum material waste which enables cost efficiencies. All ORCA PODs are CSA approved to A277 or Z240 Standard though Intertek providing total quality assurance.

Our goal at ORCA is to provide sustainable, healthy homes for all our customers. Wherever you are located in Canada, ORCA will help you build your dream space! You can rest easy knowing that your project’s success is also our success.


At ORCA, our core mission is to empower individuals and businesses to realize their dream spaces through a sustainable and efficient medium- light gauge steel (LGS). Motivated by the desire to provide precision, quality, and sustainability in the modular homes market, our products stand as greener, better, and faster solutions

Our PODs embody our dedication to offering modular homes that seamlessly blend exquisite design with affordability and uncompromising quality. Every detail, from architecturally pleasing structures to carefully curated interiors, reflects our commitment to beauty. We believe that everyone deserves a home that is visually stunning and affordable without compromising on craftsmanship. ORCA PODs are a testament to this philosophy- a harmonious fusion of aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness.

We are committed to serving both businesses and individuals, showcasing the power of using light gauge steel in the construction of modular homes. Our unique qualities lie in the greener, better, and faster attributes of LGS. Our cutting-edge LGS solution, delivered through an integrated digital platform, outperforms traditional methods and centralized factories. From cost controls to project completion timelines, we prioritize efficiency. Architecturally designed and engineered, our PODs cater to diverse needs, ensuring minimum material waste and cost efficiencies. CSA approved to A277 or Z240 Standard through Intertek, our PODs guarantee total quality assurance.