A New reality of Modern, Healthy, Sustainable and Living in the fast-growing village of Cumberland



Carefully selected materials to withstand and function in all climates

Our homes are not susceptible to mould and rot which keeps your interior air quality clean and fresh. Both the interior frame and exterior material of the homes are built with steel which has no issues with insect damage whilst giving you peace of mind that you home is fire resistant. 

We use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) building materials.  Steel does not carry organic compounds that wood products do. VOC’s can become an irritant or cause increase in allergies for a homeowner. Cleaner building materials make for cleaner air to breathe.


Quality homes that do not cost the earth

Our design-led, high-quality steel structured homes provide a modern and sustainable alternative to conventional housing in the North American market.

The homes are built on site, in a controlled environment using galvanized steel to withstand extreme climates and prevent environmental wear and tear.

The exterior of the homes are finished with a metal siding and warm frame construction that is ideal for the wet, wind and heat that Vancouver Island climate is accustomed to. 

The consistent high quality and predictability of our product ensures a building lifespan of over 300 years.


Keeping nature and your wallet green 

Our homes are designed using sustainable materials. We  work with companies that care about the footprint we leave on this plant whilst producing homes that are extremely efficient minimizing environmental impact and carbon emissions.

We see a community of modern, energetic and environmental conscious people who enjoy nature as much as they enjoy the city. A permanent residence, satisfying the basic needs of comfort and rest while using resources responsibly and providing an inspiring space and environment.

For every Light gauge steel home built on the Flats, 40 trees are saved. Our homes are built in a controlled space utilizing our virtually zero waste LGS system and superior building envelope materials. LGS is fully 100% recyclable and can be re-used at the end of its life.