What do you mean when you say your steel is “cold rolled”?

It means that our steel is shaped and cut while it’s cold. When steel is hot rolled it is shaped while at a high temperature. The hot rolling process is cheaper, but the heat
expansion and contraction after cutting leads to warping, inaccuracies, and a rough mill-scaled surface that is difficult for paint to adhere to. In contrast, cold rolling has much tighter dimensional tolerances, creating shapes which are consistently accurate and straight. The yield strength of cold rolled steel is also significantly stronger than that of hot rolled.

Do you ship your PODs anywhere?

We can ship our PODs throughout Canada as long as routes allow. Our Swallow, Wren, Quail and Jay can easily be shipped to most places in Canada.

Where are my steel panels for the PODs coming from?

ORCA manufactures your framing panels here in our Courtenay, BC facility. Depending on location/accessibility and the complexity of jobs, we have mobile units in which we can actually ship the machine and raw coils of steel to produce on-site. Our machine is single phase, so we are incredibly flexible on how we produce and deliver our frames, with efficiency at the forefront.

How can using LGS benefit me when building a modular home?

Homes built with LGS have no issues with rot, mold, or vermin, meaning owners will have little to no home maintenance to worry about. This is ideal not only for a home that is used yearround, but also for structures used periodically, such as recreational cabins/cottages.